Hi Guys, In addition to Katy's house, Matt and Brian’s house won’t work either. Don’t get me wrong I love all these houses but we I need to find something that requires minimal lighting. Brian’s house is awesome! It’s exactly what I would want if I had a full crew and art department. It has so much character but it just doesn't work for this.

FYI Brian's next door neighbors just had twins a week ago. Obviously they will have a nursery. With a little networking, would it be possible to contact them. They have a nursery and two babies. JACKPOT! We can pay up to $600 for the location assuming there aren't any other fees associated with  the other locations. It looks like there won't be...

Matt's House

This is Matt's house. I like it for something but it doesn't work for this. The windows are a little visually confusing and there's no way to easily put shears on them. Also nothing really works as a background in the close-ups. I think this space would look really cool at night for a different type of shoot

Brian's House

I absolutely love this house. It has all the character that I like. I just don't have the crew to bring the levels up to really make this work for the website. If we cant find anything else I might be able to make this work, but my fear is it will be too dark and vibey to match the site


Director's Notes

The Women’s Hospital “Nursery”

I love shooting baby's so I'm looking forward to this scene. I usually book two baby's for a shoot like this. Baby's either cooporate or they don't. It's more effort to double book but it's totally worth it when baby isn't happy. In the Owensboro Health NICU spot I used the backup baby and also in the latest ONB spot. In both cases our first choices melted down. We will be a small crew so we won't be burning through as much money if the baby decides not to play. Even though this is a small project we should still consider two baby's.


Shot Structure

  1. Medium wide "Mom and Baby Establisher"
  2. Medium Shot Mom hands baby to Grandma"
  3. Medium Close baby + grandma interact and share emotion
  4. Macro "macro close ups of baby's features eyes, hands, feet"
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.53.27 AM.png