Director's Notes

Find a Doc "cafe"


Framing this scene presents some unique challenges because of the thin 4:1 aspect ratio. It's going to be important to keep the talent's eye line in the same plane. Otherwise somebody's head will be out of frame. A note for the person booking talent is we should be careful not to get people with a large height discrepancy. We can adjust somewhat but not a lot.

As with the other vignettes I'll start with a wide shot and work my way in.

  1. High angle wide shot
  2. Medium 2 shot
  3. Medium Detail shot - hands coffee 

I want to shoot this in the morning but this really depends on the sun and location. Obviously a beautiful sky is critical for this shot.

There are a lot of artistic and beautiful detail shots we can get in the coffee shop. My goal will be to find these shots but make sure the human element is present and the main focus.