Director's Notes

My Health "Yoga"


I think we could find a cool rooftop to shoot this scene instead of a park.  I've looked a all the parks in Evansville and nothing really feels iconic. A good rooftop with the city in the background could be epic.

I'll be starting with a wide establishing shot and moving in for mediums and close-ups. I think there are even some possibilities for artistic macro shots here. I'm looking forward to playing with negative space. I'll be prioritizing the shot list but plan on free-styling alot in this scene.

Shot Structure

  1. Wide establishing shot showing clouds and city background "Push in"
  2. Medium shot incorporating foreground elements for negative space
  3. Close-up hero shot
  4. Extreme close-up detail shot

I want to shoot this in the morning but this really depends on the sun and location. Obviously a beautiful sky is critical for this shot.

Using people as foreground elements to create negative space with shallow depth of field... This scene could work with just one person, but if space allows, 2 or 3 people would open up some new shot opportunities for framing the web content.