Director's Notes

The Heart Hospital "Jogger"


There are some special considerations when shooting with a dog. It's important that we find a well trained animal. Unfortunately we don't have budget for a "dog actor" but it's imperative that the runner actually be the dog's owner. Putting a random person together with a random dog doesn't work. It seems simple and harmless but we will be putting the animal in a foreign situation with lots of strange people encroaching. I've seen things go horribly wrong on set when it comes to using somebody's pet. 

I'd like to shoot this as a progression starting with run-prep and ending with the talent and her dog. 

Shot Structure

  1. Medium wide "stretching, run prep"
  2. Wide shot "jogging with dog"
  3. Medium shot "jogging silhouette" 
  4. Medium Shot "hugging dog"